Boxer dogs are one of the most versatile breed in the canine kingdom. From being used as messenger dogs to carriers of pack and attack dogs, this interesting breed has done virtually everything a dog can do, to the extent of going wars as guard dogs. An average boxer dog loves, is faithful and very loyal to its master. This is one of the reasons why some people love to have them as pets as they fit almost any purpose. ProtectionBoxer Dogs is another good reason why you should consider owning one of the best dog breeds in the world. Their extreme loyalty makes them protective of their masters. The protective side of the boxer dog is just one of the many advantages of having them.

As mentioned above, their versatility has made them a top choice among lovers of dogs and in addition to besides giving protection to their owners, they offer other benefits. Study has it that having boxer dogs as pets can help elongate the live of the owner, in addition to improving the quality of live led by the owner of the dog. This means that you just do not have the dog rescue you in hard times; it could also have some therapeutic effects on your health.

As many health problems have been associated with loneliness and stress, it might be very helpful for persons prone to this condition to get a boxer dog. The average lifespan of people seems to be decreasing by the day no thanks to the different illnesses that could have easily been prevented by being happy or emotionally healthy. Gestures that are generally seen as simple and insignificant have been discovered to go a long way in helping to manage stress. These gestures include wagging of the tail by your dog or just a welcome bark as you into the home.

It has also been discovered that stroking the dog or petting it could help to lower the heart rate and reduce blood pressure in no time. While this might sound too good to be true, it is left to you to confirm the claim.

One obvious benefit of owning a boxer dog is exercise. While many people find it difficult to step out of their homes to jog, having a pet like the boxer dog would help get you out of the house and burn some fat as you take the dog for a walk in the park. This activity is beneficial to both parties as just as the dig loves to walk and exercise, you also become more active and reduce the risk of getting any of the many illnesses associated with having too many fat deposits in the body even as you get to enjoy the fresh air and Mother Nature.

One big question that continues to bug the minds of many especially those that have been able to enjoy the benefits of owning a boxer dog is the reason many families remain sceptical about getting a boxer dog.

Many quarters associate this fear to the safety of the young ones at home. Many parents fear that their kids might be attacked by the dog that was actually meant to be friendly and protective to every member of the family. This is one of the major reasons many of them end up in dog rescue shelters as families decide to abandon them once the fear begins to set in.

While this fear cannot be totally discarded, it is worth mentioning that if the dog is trained properly, there is really no need to entertain the fear of an attack on a member of the family. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure the dog is well-trained to prevent such attacks.

The benefits of having a boxer dog or any other breed of dog transcend to your kids. Studies have revealed that children that own pets and most especially dogs tend to develop a stronger immune system. Hugging and playing with the dogs have been found to help children develop stringing disease combating abilities.

Another advantage of owning a boxer dog as it affects the child is the psychological training it gives to the child. There is a sense of responsibility inherent in handing a god over to the child and this helps him as he grows.

As the popular saying goes, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”, the only way to find out and confirm the claims mentioned above and many other ones is to own a boxer dog.

Please be sure take care of them well and to feed them well with dog food.